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Friday, 16 October 2015

Below you find an outline of released and upcoming EMG versions.

In addition to high-level features below each version includes many other smaller features and numerous improvements. For more detailed information on changes in each release please consult the Change history in EMG User's Guide for each release.

EMG Version Status Description
EMG 7.0 Released DB-driven configuration, EMG watchdog, new debug log file
EMG 6.0 Released Multi-node improvements, extended HA support
EMG 5.5 Released IPv6 support, custom connectors in Perl, database optimizations
EMG 5.4 Released Proxy mode 1-n, SMPP-SMPP, new MySQL driver, SAT improvements
EMG 5.3 Released 64-bit message id, 64-bit version for Linux, new charges handling
EMG 5.2 Released Proxy mode UCP-SMPP, major performance improvements
Plugin hook "route"
New connector type "ROUTE"
EMG 5.0 Released Persistence of message in indexed files giving much faster startup
Dynamic connector configuration
Perl plugins
EMG 4.0 Limited release Extended UCP support
EMG 3.1 Released New license key, version without encryption support available
EMG 3.0 Deprecated