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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Below we list the major changes made in EMG Portal 1.x versions.

EMG Portal 1.12

  • An API has been implemented
  • API: Method to retrieve account balance
  • Improved delete of accounts
  • Currency moved into setting (for example, 'currency' => 'USD' in protected/config/main.php)

EMG Portal 1.11

  • Move currency code into setting
  • Improved delete of accounts to avoid foreign key issues
  • Added e-mail notification possibility for license expiry
  • Enabled support for PHP 5.5

EMG Portal 1.10

  • Display EMG license information on dashboard (requires EMG 6.0.7 or later)
  • Use "lastdlrsecs" in message details view if no full dlrs are available

EMG Portal 1.9

  • New "Traffic details" web report
    Sent, failed, relayed per account for specific period
  • Added settings for "message max length" and "email report copy" (previously in config file only)

EMG Portal 1.8

  • Display username and price information in message log
  • Display number of messages sent per account (for specific time period) in account list
  • Display EMG Portal expiry date, if any

EMG Portal 1.7

  • Added message counts per status to daily e-mail reports
  • New "hourly_summary" aggregation script to support message counts per status
  • New option to preserve existing prices on price import
  • Improvements in installer
  • Fix for exporting prices to Excel
  • Corrected connector state check in script

EMG Portal 1.6

  • Added possibilty to route to specific user (usually for MO routing)
  • Added connector and connector queue actions (force close, bounce, hold, move queue, delete queue)
  • Price export and import from Excel

EMG Portal 1.5

  • Updated framework to Yii 1.1.14

EMG Portal 1.4

  • Added Unicode support