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XFAX is a swedish fax software for UNIX which offers send and receive functionality using just about any fax modem (Class 2 or Class 2.0-compatible).

XFAX is very powerful as a fax gateway and handles an unlimited number of users and multiple fax lines depending on the type of licence. We have customers that send tens of thousands of faxes each day using XFAX. For integrators there are many possibilities to adapt the behaviour of XFAX as to make it work with third-party applications.


  • Send text, PCL and PDF documents as fax.
  • Send and receive faxes using standard fax modems connected to a UNIX server or via a terminal server.
  • XFAX can extract recipient information from document using document codes.
  • Overlays can be merged onto outgoing faxes. This way it is easy to send forms including company logos etc.
  • Specify a user-defined progam to be executed upon fax sent, failed, received etc. This program will receive information about the fax as a number of arguments.
  • Received faxes can be sent as e-mail with the fax pages as attachments.
  • Faxes can be sent as e-mail where each page is an attached JPEG file.
  • Integrated HTTP server for sending messages and administrating queues from any web browser.
  • Windows client for sending fax from Windows PCs.