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SMS Gateway is a messaging software for UNIX systems, which makes it possible to send text messages to GSM mobile phones and Minicall Text pagers. Our software is used not only in Sweden but in other countries throughout the world as well.

It features an integrated HTTP server for sending messages and administrating queues from a web browser.

SMS Gateway operates over TCP/IP, analog modems or GSM devices. It connects to all swedish GSM operators and operators that use standard messaging protocols, like CIMD2, SMPP and UCP/EMI, in other countries. It is shipped with a set up for the swedish GSM operators and the Minicall Text paging service via dial-up, but you can easily add your own gateway for GSM operators in your country.

SMS Gateway also offers performance messaging via a TCP/IP interface to interconnect with all major SMSC's.


For integrators there are many possibilities to adapt the behaviour of SMS Gateway as to make it work with third-party applications. External programs or scripts can be executed when a message has beent sent, failed etc.

Some possible areas of use include:

  • Forwarding of e-mail to the GSM phone
  • Integration with networking managment products like HP OpenView to generate automatic alerts Web-integration to allow users on the Internet or an intranet to send messages through a web interface Protocol conversion between messaging protocols and Internet protocols (HTTP, SMTP etc)

Different protocols

SMS Gateway supports different protocols used by the operators:

  • CIMD2 (Nokia SMSC)
  • SMPP
  • TAP
  • THS

Different access ways

SMS Gateway supports dial-up, direct serial, TCP/IP and telnet connections for communicating with the SMSC.