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EMG Portal is an add-on to EMG (Enterprise Messaging Gateway) which gives a web-based application interface to some tasks. EMG Portal is to be considered a starting point which can be enhanced and modified to fit customer-specific requirements.

In combination with the billing plugin feature it enables flexible fractional message billing.


There are three different user roles in EMG Portal: Owner, administrator and user.


This is the default functionality. Additional functionality can be implemented by customer or as a consultant effort.

Role: User

  • Send SMS to one or more recipients (plain text and Unicode)
  • Direct and scheduled sending of SMS
  • Address books
  • Send to large number of recipients from uploaded file
  • Variable data in message via placeholders when sending via address book or uploaded file
  • Dynamic sender address
  • Message log (for user)
  • Remember-me
  • Password reset

Role: Administrator

  • Message log (for company)
  • Statistics
  • User administration
  • Credits management
  • Company-specific alert message
  • MIS (sent message) reports via e-mail

Role: Owner

  • Customer and account administration
  • Manage routes (msdisdn prefix, priority, load-balancing, failover)
  • MO routing to specific customer
  • Manage prices (charge cost, manual edit, Excel upload)
  • Connector real-time overview
  • Connector queue management (delete, move, bounce, force close, hold)
  • System alert message
  • Layout customization through HTML template and CSS


  • Pricing per customer, msisdn prefix, connector in, connector out
  • E-mail reports
  • Blacklists


EMG Portal is implemented using the Yii Framework, a PHP web application framework encouraging the MVC design pattern.


Send SMS

Dashboard (owner view)

Connector queue

Sample report


Message log