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Thursday, 05 March 2009

ATLANTIS Group (University of Crete, Estate Management and Administration Company  - UcC-EMAC) in association with Forthnet decided to use Enterprise Messaging Gateway (EMG) to handle SMS voting for the selection of the Greek contribution to Eurovision Song Contest 2009 on February 18. The SMS voting for the Greek Final is the most throughput demanding event in Greece with average traffic received the last five years of 170.000 messages in 20min.

The solution was implemented in less than two weeks and verified to handle up to 1200 votes per second. Each vote was validated and registered in a database while real-time statistics was provided through a web based interface. Additionally all other live services using the same keyword where being relayed to Forthnet’ s  infrastructure for processing resulting (for the first time this year) a nonstop support for all services even when the voting related traffic was at its peak throughput.

Validation of votes (vote for a valid song and max 20 votes per subscriber) was performed by a custom connector in EMG connected directly to a MySQL database. Using the EMG Connector API it is possible to implement custom connectors for EMG. In this case it enabled the implementation of a highly optimized backend delivering extreme performance with no external dependencies.

Voting was completed as expected and the project a success!

"Thank you very much for your fine effort and marvelous result", project contact at ATLANTIS Group.