XFAX 4.3a - User's Guide

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5. Receiving faxes

Receiving a fax is simpler than sending one. It does not require any special effort by the user. The faxmaster receives faxes in the background and sends a message to the system administration and possibly other users when this is done. The fax is placed in a queue for received faxes and can be printed out with the command faxprint.

What is also necessary is that the reception function is included in your license agreement and that the keywords SEND_ONLY are not shown in the configuration file, ETCDIR/config.

5.1 Automatic printing of incoming faxes

Incoming faxes can be automatically sent to a printer by defining the keyword AUTOPRINT in the configuration file. The format is AUTOPRINT="command", whereby command is something which can receive data and forward it to a printer. E.g.:


this takes the printer data and sends it on to the 1p command via a pipe.

The data can also be saved in a file or similar by


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