XFAX 4.3a - User's Guide

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2. Installation

The software is distributed in a tar archive, which extracts into a temporary directory, /tmp/xfax. After the extraction you run a installation script, /tmp/xfax/INSTALL, which asks questions about your configuration and then puts everything in its right place.

Go to the root directory
cd /

Extract the archive, xfax42aix.tar for AIX for example
tar xvf xfax42aix.tar

Execute the installation script
sh /tmp/xfax/INSTALL

Check the installation by running faxmaster -v which should display software information provided that:
a. /etc/xfax is used for the configuration files or the variable XFAXDIR is set to the directory used.
b. The directory for the executables is included in PATH.
c. There is a valid license.

Now you can start the XFAX daemon, faxmaster, and you are ready to send your first fax.

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