SMS Gateway 4.4 - User's Guide

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3. Installation

The software is distributed in a tar archive, which extracts into a temporary directory, /tmp/sms. After the extraction you run a installation script, /tmp/sms/INSTALL, which asks questions about your configuration and then puts everything in its right place.

Go to the root directory

cd / 

Extract the archive, smsaix.tar for AIX for example

tar xvf smsaix.tar

Execute the installation script

sh /tmp/sms/INSTALL

Check the installation by running smsd -v which should display software information provided that
a./etc/sms is used for the configuration files or the variable SMSDIR is set to the directory used.
b.the directory for the executables is included in PATH.

Now you can start the SMS daemon, smsd, and you are ready to send your first message.

We use the following names for the various directories used by SMS Gateway:

Directory for the configuration files (default is /etc/sms)
Directory for messages in the outgoing queue (default is /usr/spool/sms)
Directory for the executables (default is /usr/bin)

Some important files

Configuration file
Statistics file
The smsd lock file that indicates the smsd is running

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