SMS Gateway 4.4 - User's Guide

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7. Administration

There are a number of command for displaying and manipulating the message queues and the statistics file.

7.1 Displaying message queues - smsq

The system separates messages into three different queues, which can be shown by giving the parameters shown below as an argument to the command smsq.

Argument Queue
none, -p
Outgoing message
Transmitted messages
Not transmitted due to a fault


# smsq
ID     Recipient       Enqueued       Next  St Try LC   User  Len
14     0701234567     11:01 19980430 11:41 SE   1 BUSY stenor  1 
15     0707654321     11:33 19980430 11:33 PE   1 NOAN davcar  3
>>>> Infoflex System AB, Lars
18     0702871254     11:45 19980430 11:45  PE   2       davcar  1

The information that is in the columns above is in sequence:

The message ID number, the recipient's number, the time and date when the message was placed in the queue, the time for the next transmission attempt, status, priority, the number of attempts to date, the latest status code, the user who placed the message in the queue plus the number of characters in the message.

The following codes occur in the status column:


The status codes can be found in the chapter Status codes.

7.2 Displaying message statistics - smsstat

You use smsstat to display statistics for message transmission through the various gateways.

7.3 Canceling a message - smsrm

To cancel an outgoing message you use smsrm. As argument you use the ID of the message which is displayed by smsq.

# smsrm 7

remove the message with ID 7 from the outgoing queue.

You also use smsrm to mark entries in the statistics file as deleted.

# smsrm -all s

marks all successfully sent messages as deleted.

Together with -all you can use -to which deletes messages in a specific queue that is older than the date specified.

# smsrm -all s -to 19990706

7.4 Cleaning the statistics file - smsclean

You can remove entries from the statistics file permanently by using the smsclean command.

7.5 Displaying users connected to the smsd - smswho

You can display the users that are connected to smsd by using the smswho command.

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