Class SMS


Information about a message.

All data is in the options attribute, using the MGP::OPTION_SOURCEADDR etc as keys. For convenience, the MGP::OPTION_ID value is also available with the function messageid.

Located in /mgp.php (line 21)

Variable Summary
 array $options
Method Summary
 SMS SMS ([ $optionlist = null])
 integer messageid ()
array $options (line 26)

The list of MGP options for this message.

  • access: public
Constructor SMS (line 33)

Create a new SMS.

Optionally use a list of options as an array of hash tables.

SMS SMS ([ $optionlist = null])
  • $optionlist
messageid (line 50)

Shortcut to get the message id from the option list.

integer messageid ()

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