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com::nmt::mgp::MgpException Class Reference

Exception thrown when an error has occured. More...

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Public Member Functions

 MgpException ()
 MgpException (String msg)
 MgpException (int errno)
 MgpException (int errno, String msg)
int getErrno ()
 Returns the numeric error code.
String toString ()
 Returns the error message.

Private Attributes

int errno = Mgp.MGP_ERR_UNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Exception thrown when an error has occured.

Errors may be be on the application-level or on a lower protocol-level.
There may be a numeric error code assoicated with the exception to indicate the exact error.
By default errno is set to Mgp.MGP_ERR_UNKNOWN.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com::nmt::mgp::MgpException::MgpException ( ) [inline]
com::nmt::mgp::MgpException::MgpException ( String  msg) [inline]
msgstring representation
com::nmt::mgp::MgpException::MgpException ( int  errno) [inline]
errnonumeric error code

References errno.

com::nmt::mgp::MgpException::MgpException ( int  errno,
String  msg 
) [inline]
errnonumeric error code
msgstring representation

References errno.

Member Function Documentation

int com::nmt::mgp::MgpException::getErrno ( ) [inline]
String com::nmt::mgp::MgpException::toString ( ) [inline]

Returns the error message.

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by getErrno(), and MgpException().

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