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com::nmt::mgp::Mgp Interface Reference

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Static Public Attributes

static final int MGP_OP_LOGON = 1
static final int MGP_OP_LOGON_RESP = 101
static final int MGP_OP_SENDMESSAGE = 2
static final int MGP_OP_SENDMESSAGE_RESP = 102
static final int MGP_OP_LOGOFF = 3
static final int MGP_OP_LOGOFF_RESP = 103
static final int MGP_OP_BEGINBATCH = 4
static final int MGP_OP_BEGINBATCH_RESP = 104
static final int MGP_OP_ENDBATCH = 5
static final int MGP_OP_ENDBATCH_RESP = 105
static final int MGP_OP_GETCONNECTORINFO = 6
static final int MGP_OP_GETCONNECTORINFO_RESP = 106
static final int MGP_OP_GETCONNECTORQUEUES = 8
static final int MGP_OP_QUERYMESSAGE = 10
static final int MGP_OP_QUERYMESSAGE_RESP = 110
static final int MGP_OP_DELETEMESSAGE = 11
static final int MGP_OP_DELETEMESSAGE_RESP = 111
static final int MGP_OP_MODIFYMESSAGE = 12
static final int MGP_OP_MODIFYMESSAGE_RESP = 112
static final int MGP_OP_KEEPALIVE = 13
static final int MGP_OP_KEEPALIVE_RESP = 113
static final int MGP_OP_DBREQUEST = 28
static final int MGP_OP_DBREQUEST_RESP = 128
static final int MGP_OP_GETFIRSTMESSAGE = 29
static final int MGP_OP_GETFIRSTMESSAGE_RESP = 129
static final int MGP_OP_CONFIRMMESSAGE = 30
static final int MGP_OP_CONFIRMMESSAGE_RESP = 130
static final int MGP_OP_GETDBINFO = 31
static final int MGP_OP_GETDBINFO_RESP = 131
static final int MGP_OP_RELOAD = 32
static final int MGP_OP_RELOAD_RESP = 132
static final int MGP_OP_GETROUTELOG = 14
 Get routing log.
static final int MGP_OP_GETROUTELOG_RESP = 114
static final int MGP_OP_PBCREATE = 20
 Create phonebook.
static final int MGP_OP_PBCREATE_RESP = 120
static final int MGP_OP_PBDELETE = 21
 Delete phonebook.
static final int MGP_OP_PBDELETE_RESP = 121
static final int MGP_OP_PBADD = 22
 Add entry to phonebook.
static final int MGP_OP_PBADD_RESP = 122
static final int MGP_OP_PBUPDATE = 23
 Update entry in phonebook.
static final int MGP_OP_PBUPDATE_RESP = 123
static final int MGP_OP_PBREMOVE = 24
 Remove entry from phonebook.
static final int MGP_OP_PBREMOVE_RESP = 124
static final int MGP_OP_PBLIST = 25
 List available phonebooks.
static final int MGP_OP_PBLIST_RESP = 125
static final int MGP_OP_REQUESTMESSAGE = 26
 Request a message.
static final int MGP_OP_REQUESTMESSAGE_RESP = 126
static final int MGP_OP_CONNECTORHOLD = 27
 Hold connector.
static final int MGP_OP_CONNECTORHOLD_RESP = 127
static final int MGP_STATUS_DELIVERED = 1
static final int MGP_STATUS_INPROCESS = 2
static final int MGP_STATUS_FAILED = 3
static final int MGP_STATUS_DELETED = 4
static final int MGP_STATUS_EXPIRED = 5
static final int MGP_STATUS_REJECTED = 6
static final int MGP_STATUS_CANCELED = 7
static final int MGP_STATUS_QUEUED = 8
static final int MGP_STATUS_ORPHANED = 9
static final int MGP_STATUS_RELAYED = 10
static final int MGP_STATUS_UNKNOWN = 11
static final int MGP_CHARCODE_DEFAULT = 0
 Default character code (GSM).
static final int MGP_CHARCODE_IA5 = 1
 IA5 character code.
static final int MGP_CHARCODE_8BIT = 2
 Binary, 8-bit character code.
static final int MGP_CHARCODE_LATIN1 = 3
 ISO8859-1/Latin1 character code.
static final int MGP_CHARCODE_UCS2 = 4
 Unicode character code.
static final int MGP_CHARCODE_NUMERIC = 16
 Numeric character code (for numeric messages, paging).
static final int MGP_ERR_OK = 0
 OK (no error).
static final int MGP_ERR_UNKNOWN = 1
 Unknown (or unspecified) error.
static final int MGP_ERR_SYNTAX = 2
 Syntax error (usually a mandatory options is missing).
static final int MGP_ERR_LOGIN = 3
 Login failed, bad username and/or password.
static final int MGP_ERR_BOUND = 4
 Tried to login when already bound.
static final int MGP_ERR_INVALARG = 5
 Invalid argument.
static final int MGP_ERR_INVALCMD = 6
 Invalid command.
static final int MGP_ERR_INVALMSGID = 7
 Invalid message id.
static final int MGP_ERR_INVALDESTADDR = 8
 Invalid destination address.
static final int MGP_ERR_INVALSOURCEADDR = 9
 Invalid source address.
static final int MGP_ERR_NOACCESS = 10
 Access to server/operation not permitted.
static final int MGP_ERR_MESSAGE = 11
 Message error, usually format.
static final int MGP_ERR_INVALRESP = 12
 Invalid response.
static final int MGP_ERR_COMM = 13
 Communication error.
static final int MGP_ERR_DB = 14
 Invalid DB configuration.
static final int MGP_ERR_UDH = 15
 Invalid UDH (USer-Data Header).
static final int MGP_ERR_CREDITS = 16
 No more message credits.
static final int MGP_ERR_BUSY = 17
 Server temporarily too busy to process request.
static final int MGP_OPTION_ID = 0x0001
static final int MGP_OPTION_SOURCEADDR = 0x0002
static final int MGP_OPTION_SOURCEADDRTON = 0x0003
static final int MGP_OPTION_SOURCEADDRNPI = 0x0004
static final int MGP_OPTION_SOURCESUBADDRESS = 0x0005
static final int MGP_OPTION_SOURCEPORT = 0x0006
static final int MGP_OPTION_SOURCEADDRSUBUNIT = 0x0007
static final int MGP_OPTION_DESTADDR = 0x0008
static final int MGP_OPTION_DESTADDRTON = 0x0009
static final int MGP_OPTION_DESTADDRNPI = 0x000a
static final int MGP_OPTION_DESTSUBADDRESS = 0x000b
static final int MGP_OPTION_DESTPORT = 0x000c
static final int MGP_OPTION_DESTADDRSUBUNIT = 0x000d
static final int MGP_OPTION_UDH = 0x000e
static final int MGP_OPTION_UDHLEN = 0x000f
static final int MGP_OPTION_MESSAGE = 0x0010
static final int MGP_OPTION_MESSAGELEN = 0x0011
static final int MGP_OPTION_VP = 0x0012
static final int MGP_OPTION_DLR = 0x0013
static final int MGP_OPTION_DELTIME = 0x0014
static final int MGP_OPTION_SCTS = 0x0015
static final int MGP_OPTION_USERNAME = 0x0016
static final int MGP_OPTION_PASSWORD = 0x0017
static final int MGP_OPTION_NEWPASSWORD = 0x0018
static final int MGP_OPTION_MSGTYPE = 0x0019
static final int MGP_OPTION_MSGSUBTYPE = 0x001a
static final int MGP_OPTION_MSGCLASS = 0x001b
static final int MGP_OPTION_CHARCODE = 0x001c
static final int MGP_OPTION_AUTHCODE = 0x001d
static final int MGP_OPTION_USER = 0x001e
static final int MGP_OPTION_REPLYPATH = 0x001f
static final int MGP_OPTION_PRIORITY = 0x0020
static final int MGP_OPTION_TARRIFFCLASS = 0x0021
static final int MGP_OPTION_REMOTEIP = 0x0022
static final int MGP_OPTION_SYSTEMTYPE = 0x0023
static final int MGP_OPTION_SMSCOP = 0x0024
static final int MGP_OPTION_CONNECTORSTATS = 0x0025
static final int MGP_OPTION_ROUTE = 0x0026
static final int MGP_OPTION_ROUTEDLR = 0x0027
static final int MGP_OPTION_RETCODE = 0x0028
static final int MGP_OPTION_SERVICETYPE = 0x0029
static final int MGP_OPTION_MESSAGEMODE = 0x002a
static final int MGP_OPTION_PROTOCOLID = 0x002b
static final int MGP_OPTION_USERRESPONSECODE = 0x002e
static final int MGP_OPTION_PRIVACYINDICATOR = 0x002f
static final int MGP_OPTION_CALLBACKNUM = 0x0030
static final int MGP_OPTION_LANGUAGEINDICATOR = 0x0031
static final int MGP_OPTION_TTSSESSIONINFO = 0x0032
static final int MGP_OPTION_NETWORKERRORCODE = 0x0033
static final int MGP_OPTION_MESSAGESTATE = 0x0034
static final int MGP_OPTION_RECEIPTEDMESSSAGEID = 0x0035
static final int MGP_OPTION_LONGMESSAGE = 0x0036
static final int MGP_OPTION_LONGMODE = 0x0037
static final int MGP_OPTION_REGISTEREDDELIVERY = 0x0038
static final int MGP_OPTION_CANCELMODE = 0x0039
static final int MGP_OPTION_INTERFACEVERSION = 0x003a
static final int MGP_OPTION_CONNECTOR = 0x003b
static final int MGP_OPTION_OUTCONNECTOR = 0x003c
static final int MGP_OPTION_STATUS = 0x003d
static final int MGP_OPTION_SOURCENETWORKTYPE = 0x003e
static final int MGP_OPTION_DESTNETWORKTYPE = 0x003f
static final int MGP_OPTION_SMSCID = 0x0040
static final int MGP_OPTION_OPSENTEXPIRES = 0x0041
static final int MGP_OPTION_DLREXPIRES = 0x0042
static final int MGP_OPTION_ROUTE2 = 0x0043
static final int MGP_OPTION_TCPSOURCEPORT = 0x0044
static final int MGP_OPTION_MAPPING = 0x0045
static final int MGP_OPTION_DLRADDRESS = 0x0046
static final int MGP_OPTION_DLRPID = 0x0047
static final int MGP_OPTION_DOMAIN = 0x0048
static final int MGP_OPTION_CONCATSMSREF = 0x0049
static final int MGP_OPTION_CONCATSMSSEQ = 0x004a
static final int MGP_OPTION_CONCATSMSMAX = 0x004b
static final int MGP_OPTION_REQUIREPREFIX = 0x004c
static final int MGP_OPTION_AUTHTON = 0x004d
static final int MGP_OPTION_AUTHNPI = 0x004e
static final int MGP_OPTION_BILLINGID = 0x004f
static final int MGP_OPTION_SINGLESHOT = 0x0050
static final int MGP_OPTION_DLRID = 0x0051
static final int MGP_OPTION_STATE = 0x0053
static final int MGP_OPTION_PROTOCOL = 0x0054
static final int MGP_OPTION_INSTANCES = 0x0055
static final int MGP_OPTION_QUEUESIZE = 0x0056
static final int MGP_OPTION_TYPE = 0x0057
static final int MGP_OPTION_QSTATS1 = 0x0058
static final int MGP_OPTION_QSTATS5 = 0x0059
static final int MGP_OPTION_QSTATS15 = 0x005a
static final int MGP_OPTION_INSTANCE = 0x005b
static final int MGP_OPTION_STARTSECS = 0x005d
static final int MGP_OPTION_STARTMSECS = 0x005e
static final int MGP_OPTION_ENDSECS = 0x005f
static final int MGP_OPTION_ENDMSECS = 0x0060
static final int MGP_OPTION_NOTE = 0x0061
static final int MGP_OPTION_CLIENTCONFIG = 0x0062
static final int MGP_OPTION_COMPANY = 0x0063
static final int MGP_OPTION_NAME = 0x0064
static final int MGP_OPTION_PBNAME = 0x0065
static final int MGP_OPTION_PBTYPE = 0x0066
static final int MGP_OPTION_REASON = 0x0067
static final int MGP_OPTION_PBID = 0x0068
static final int MGP_OPTION_ISADMIN = 0x0069
static final int MGP_OPTION_UDHI = 0x006a
static final int MGP_OPTION_REPLACEPID = 0x006b
static final int MGP_OPTION_LRADDR = 0x006c
static final int MGP_OPTION_LRPID = 0x006d
static final int MGP_OPTION_HPLMNADDR = 0x006e
static final int MGP_OPTION_SUBJECT = 0x006f
static final int MGP_OPTION_OTOA = 0x0070
static final int MGP_OPTION_DCS = 0x0071
static final int MGP_OPTION_MAXMESSAGELENGTH = 0x0072
static final int MGP_OPTION_HEADER = 0x0073
static final int MGP_OPTION_KEYWORD = 0x0074
static final int MGP_OPTION_REMOVEPREFIX = 0x0075
static final int MGP_OPTION_QPRIORITY = 0x0076
static final int MGP_OPTION_XUSERNAME = 0x0077
static final int MGP_OPTION_MAXINSTANCES = 0x0078
static final int MGP_OPTION_AVGINSTANCES1 = 0x0079
static final int MGP_OPTION_STATIC = 0x007a
static final int MGP_OPTION_MODE = 0x007b
static final int MGP_OPTION_DBSQL = 0x007c
static final int MGP_OPTION_DBNAME = 0x007d
static final int MGP_OPTION_DBDATA = 0x007e
static final int MGP_OPTION_CREDITS = 0x007f
static final int MGP_OPTION_SOURCEADDRTYPE = 0x0080
static final int MGP_OPTION_DESTADDRTYPE = 0x0081
static final int MGP_OPTION_PDUSEQ = 0x0084
static final int MGP_OPTION_PDUSEQMAX = 0x0085
static final int MGP_OPTION_ORIGSOURCEADDR = 0x0086
static final int MGP_OPTION_ORIGDESTADDR = 0x0087
static final int MGP_OPTION_SERVICEDESCRIPTION = 0x0088
static final int MGP_OPTION_SENDERTS = 0x0089
static final int MGP_OPTION_IMSI = 0x008a
static final int MGP_OPTION_VLR = 0x008b
static final int MGP_OPTION_ORIGID = 0x008c
static final int MGP_OPTION_SERVICEID = 0x008d
static final int MGP_OPTION_ACLENTRYWHOID = 0x008e
static final int MGP_OPTION_ACLENTRYWHEREID = 0x008f
static final int MGP_OPTION_PLUGINARG = 0x0090
static final int MGP_OPTION_MMSDESTADDR = 0x0091
static final int MGP_OPTION_MSISDN = 0x0092
static final int MGP_OPTION_XPRIORITY = 0x0093
static final int MGP_OPTION_TCPSOURCEIP = 0x0094
static final int MGP_OPTION_SENDERADDRESS = 0x0095
static final int MGP_OPTION_ORIGIN = 0x0096
static final int MGP_OPTION_SUBMITTS = 0x0097
static final int MGP_OPTION_DONETS = 0x0098
static final int MGP_OPTION_MESSAGEID = 0x0099
static final int MGP_OPTION_INREPLYTO = 0x009a
static final int MGP_OPTION_REFERENCES = 0x009b
static final int MGP_OPTION_QUOTEDREPLY = 0x009c
static final int MGP_OPTION_QUOTEDREPLY_SEPARATOR = 0x009d
static final int MGP_OPTION_SERVICETYPEIN = 0x009e
static final int MGP_OPTION_SOURCEFULLNAME = 0x009f
static final int MGP_OPTION_CONTENTTYPE = 0x00a0
static final int MGP_OPTION_CONTENTLOCATION = 0x00a1
static final int MGP_OPTION_DESTFULLNAME = 0x00a2
static final int MGP_OPTION_MESSAGEIDIN = 0x00a3
static final int MGP_OPTION_ARCORMOD = 0x00a4
static final int MGP_OPTION_ARCORFUNC = 0x00a5
static final int MGP_OPTION_ARCORUNIT = 0x00a6
static final int MGP_OPTION_SCAADDR = 0x00a7
static final int MGP_OPTION_SCAADDRTON = 0x00a8
static final int MGP_OPTION_SCAADDRNPI = 0x00a9
static final int MGP_OPTION_REASONTEXT = 0x00aa
static final int MGP_OPTION_ITSSESSIONINFO = 0x00ab
static final int MGP_OPTION_LASTDLRSECS = 0x00ac
static final int MGP_OPTION_LASTDLRMSECS = 0x00ad
static final int MGP_OPTION_SMTP_RET = 0x00ae
static final int MGP_OPTION_INSTANCES_INUSE = 0x00af
static final int MGP_OPTION_DESTNETWORK = 0x00b0
static final int MGP_OPTION_TARIFFNAME = 0x00b1
static final int MGP_OPTION_SMPPOPTION = 0x00b2
static final int MGP_OPTION_BUFFEREDSTATUS = 0x00b3
static final int MGP_OPTION_WAPAPPLICATION = 0x00b4
static final int MGP_OPTION_XSER_EXTRA = 0x00b5
static final int MGP_OPTION_MMS_RELAY_SERVER_ID = 0x00b6
static final int MGP_OPTION_DLR_IN = 0x00b7
static final int MGP_OPTION_DLR_OUT = 0x00b8
static final int MGP_OPTION_OPERATOR = 0x00b9
static final int MGP_OPTION_MESSAGE_ERROR = 0x00ba
static final int MGP_OPTION_NETWORK_ERROR = 0x00bb
static final int MGP_OPTION_LAST = 0x00bb
static final int MGP_PBTYPE_USER = 0
static final int MGP_PBTYPE_SYSTEM = 1
static final int MGP_ACCESS_MESSAGE = 1
static final int MGP_ACCESS_ROUTELOG_PRIVATE = 2
static final int MGP_ACCESS_ROUTELOG_PUBLIC = 8
static final int MGP_ACCESS_PHONEBOOK_PUBLIC = 16
static final int MGP_ACCESS_BATCH = 32
static final int MGP_ACCESS_INFO = 64
static final int MGP_ACCESS_REFRESH = 128
static final int MGP_ACCESS_HOLD = 256
static final int MGP_ACCESS_DBEXEC = 512
static final int MGP_GROUP_GUEST
static final int MGP_GROUP_USER
static final int MGP_GROUP_ADMIN

Detailed Description

Container for all protocol definitions.

Member Data Documentation

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ACCESS_BATCH = 32 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ACCESS_DBEXEC = 512 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ACCESS_HOLD = 256 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ACCESS_INFO = 64 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ACCESS_REFRESH = 128 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_CHARCODE_8BIT = 2 [static]

Binary, 8-bit character code.

Default character code (GSM).

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_CHARCODE_IA5 = 1 [static]

IA5 character code.

ISO8859-1/Latin1 character code.

Numeric character code (for numeric messages, paging).

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_CHARCODE_UCS2 = 4 [static]

Unicode character code.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_BOUND = 4 [static]

Tried to login when already bound.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_BUSY = 17 [static]

Server temporarily too busy to process request.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_COMM = 13 [static]

Communication error.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_CREDITS = 16 [static]

No more message credits.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_DB = 14 [static]

Invalid DB configuration.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_INVALARG = 5 [static]

Invalid argument.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_INVALCMD = 6 [static]

Invalid command.

Invalid destination address.

Invalid message id.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_INVALRESP = 12 [static]

Invalid response.

Invalid source address.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_LOGIN = 3 [static]

Login failed, bad username and/or password.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_MESSAGE = 11 [static]

Message error, usually format.

(Not hex encoded?)

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_NOACCESS = 10 [static]

Access to server/operation not permitted.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_OK = 0 [static]

OK (no error).

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_SYNTAX = 2 [static]

Syntax error (usually a mandatory options is missing).

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_UDH = 15 [static]

Invalid UDH (USer-Data Header).

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_ERR_UNKNOWN = 1 [static]

Unknown (or unspecified) error.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_BEGINBATCH = 4 [static]

Hold connector.

MGP_OPTION_STATUS must be sent with a value of 1 indicating the connector specified by MGP_OPTION_CONNECTOR be put on hold. If STATUS is 0 and connector on hold connector is released.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_DBREQUEST = 28 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_ENDBATCH = 5 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_ENDBATCH_RESP = 105 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_GETDBINFO = 31 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_GETROUTELOG = 14 [static]

Get routing log.

CONNECTORQUEUESIZE can optionally be supplied and then defines the maximum number of entries returned.

A list of options will be returned where ID indicates a new "row".

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_KEEPALIVE = 13 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_LOGOFF = 3 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_LOGOFF_RESP = 103 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_LOGON = 1 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_LOGON_RESP = 101 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBADD = 22 [static]

Add entry to phonebook.

Requires PBID (id of phonebook where entry should be added), NAME, COMPANY and DESTADDR as argument.

If not all of the options are supplied a MGP_ERR_SYNTAX will be returned.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBADD_RESP = 122 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBCREATE = 20 [static]

Create phonebook.

Requires PBTYPE and PBNAME as arguments.

If not PBTYPE and PBNAME are supplied a MGP_ERR_SYNTAX will be returned.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBCREATE_RESP = 120 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBDELETE = 21 [static]

Delete phonebook.

Requires PBID as argument.

If PBID is not supplied a MGP_ERR_SYNTAX will be returned.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBDELETE_RESP = 121 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBLIST = 25 [static]

List available phonebooks.

If called with no arguments, lists available phonebooks. List as a number of options where PBID indicates a new "row".

If a PBID is supplied it will list the contents (entries) of the phonebook. List as a number of options where PBID (id of entry in this case) indicates a new "row".

Please note that PBID is either the id of the phonebook or the id of a phonebook entry depending on the context.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBLIST_RESP = 125 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBREMOVE = 24 [static]

Remove entry from phonebook.

Requires PBID (id of entry which should be deleted).

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBREMOVE_RESP = 124 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBUPDATE = 23 [static]

Update entry in phonebook.

Requires PBID (id of entry which should be updated) and one or more of the NAME, COMPANY and DESTADDR options as argument.

If none of the options exists a MGP_ERR_SYNTAX will be returned.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_PBUPDATE_RESP = 123 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_QUERYMESSAGE = 10 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_RELOAD = 32 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OP_RELOAD_RESP = 132 [static]

Request a message.

Requests that a message, if available, should be delivered to the client. In the response CONNECTORQUEUESIZE will specify how many messages are available in the queue. If one or more messages are available a MGP_OP_SENDMESSAGE operation will be sent directly after the response including the message. The client is expected to acknowledge the message using MGP_OP_SENDMESSAGE_RESP.

final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ACLENTRYWHOID = 0x008e [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ARCORFUNC = 0x00a5 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ARCORMOD = 0x00a4 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ARCORUNIT = 0x00a6 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_AUTHCODE = 0x001d [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_AUTHNPI = 0x004e [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_AUTHTON = 0x004d [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_AVGINSTANCES1 = 0x0079 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_BILLINGID = 0x004f [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_BUFFEREDSTATUS = 0x00b3 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_CALLBACKNUM = 0x0030 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_CANCELMODE = 0x0039 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_CHARCODE = 0x001c [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_CLIENTCONFIG = 0x0062 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_COMPANY = 0x0063 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_CONCATSMSMAX = 0x004b [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_CONCATSMSREF = 0x0049 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_CONCATSMSSEQ = 0x004a [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_CONNECTOR = 0x003b [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_CONNECTORSTATS = 0x0025 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_CONTENTTYPE = 0x00a0 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_CREDITS = 0x007f [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DBDATA = 0x007e [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DBNAME = 0x007d [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DBSQL = 0x007c [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DCS = 0x0071 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DELTIME = 0x0014 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DESTADDR = 0x0008 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DESTADDRNPI = 0x000a [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DESTADDRTON = 0x0009 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DESTADDRTYPE = 0x0081 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DESTFULLNAME = 0x00a2 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DESTNETWORK = 0x00b0 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DESTPORT = 0x000c [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DESTSUBADDRESS = 0x000b [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DLR = 0x0013 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DLR_IN = 0x00b7 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DLR_OUT = 0x00b8 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DLRADDRESS = 0x0046 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DLREXPIRES = 0x0042 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DLRID = 0x0051 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DLRPID = 0x0047 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DOMAIN = 0x0048 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_DONETS = 0x0098 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ENDMSECS = 0x0060 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ENDSECS = 0x005f [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_HEADER = 0x0073 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_HPLMNADDR = 0x006e [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ID = 0x0001 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_IMSI = 0x008a [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_INREPLYTO = 0x009a [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_INSTANCE = 0x005b [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_INSTANCES = 0x0055 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ISADMIN = 0x0069 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ITSSESSIONINFO = 0x00ab [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_KEYWORD = 0x0074 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_LAST = 0x00bb [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_LASTDLRMSECS = 0x00ad [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_LASTDLRSECS = 0x00ac [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_LONGMESSAGE = 0x0036 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_LONGMODE = 0x0037 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_LRADDR = 0x006c [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_LRPID = 0x006d [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MAPPING = 0x0045 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MAXINSTANCES = 0x0078 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MESSAGE = 0x0010 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MESSAGE_ERROR = 0x00ba [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MESSAGEID = 0x0099 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MESSAGEIDIN = 0x00a3 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MESSAGELEN = 0x0011 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MESSAGEMODE = 0x002a [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MESSAGESTATE = 0x0034 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MMSDESTADDR = 0x0091 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MODE = 0x007b [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MSGCLASS = 0x001b [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MSGSUBTYPE = 0x001a [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MSGTYPE = 0x0019 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_MSISDN = 0x0092 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_NAME = 0x0064 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_NETWORK_ERROR = 0x00bb [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_NEWPASSWORD = 0x0018 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_NOTE = 0x0061 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_OPERATOR = 0x00b9 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_OPSENTEXPIRES = 0x0041 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ORIGDESTADDR = 0x0087 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ORIGID = 0x008c [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ORIGIN = 0x0096 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ORIGSOURCEADDR = 0x0086 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_OTOA = 0x0070 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_OUTCONNECTOR = 0x003c [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_PASSWORD = 0x0017 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_PBID = 0x0068 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_PBNAME = 0x0065 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_PBTYPE = 0x0066 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_PDUSEQ = 0x0084 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_PDUSEQMAX = 0x0085 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_PLUGINARG = 0x0090 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_PRIORITY = 0x0020 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_PROTOCOL = 0x0054 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_PROTOCOLID = 0x002b [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_QPRIORITY = 0x0076 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_QSTATS1 = 0x0058 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_QSTATS15 = 0x005a [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_QSTATS5 = 0x0059 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_QUEUESIZE = 0x0056 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_QUOTEDREPLY = 0x009c [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_REASON = 0x0067 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_REASONTEXT = 0x00aa [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_REFERENCES = 0x009b [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_REMOTEIP = 0x0022 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_REMOVEPREFIX = 0x0075 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_REPLACEPID = 0x006b [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_REPLYPATH = 0x001f [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_REQUIREPREFIX = 0x004c [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_RETCODE = 0x0028 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ROUTE = 0x0026 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ROUTE2 = 0x0043 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_ROUTEDLR = 0x0027 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SCAADDR = 0x00a7 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SCAADDRNPI = 0x00a9 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SCAADDRTON = 0x00a8 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SCTS = 0x0015 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SENDERADDRESS = 0x0095 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SENDERTS = 0x0089 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SERVICEID = 0x008d [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SERVICETYPE = 0x0029 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SERVICETYPEIN = 0x009e [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SINGLESHOT = 0x0050 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SMPPOPTION = 0x00b2 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SMSCID = 0x0040 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SMSCOP = 0x0024 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SMTP_RET = 0x00ae [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SOURCEADDR = 0x0002 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SOURCEADDRNPI = 0x0004 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SOURCEADDRTON = 0x0003 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SOURCEADDRTYPE = 0x0080 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SOURCEFULLNAME = 0x009f [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SOURCEPORT = 0x0006 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_STARTMSECS = 0x005e [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_STARTSECS = 0x005d [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_STATE = 0x0053 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_STATIC = 0x007a [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_STATUS = 0x003d [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SUBJECT = 0x006f [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SUBMITTS = 0x0097 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_SYSTEMTYPE = 0x0023 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_TARIFFNAME = 0x00b1 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_TARRIFFCLASS = 0x0021 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_TCPSOURCEIP = 0x0094 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_TCPSOURCEPORT = 0x0044 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_TTSSESSIONINFO = 0x0032 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_TYPE = 0x0057 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_UDH = 0x000e [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_UDHI = 0x006a [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_UDHLEN = 0x000f [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_USER = 0x001e [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_USERNAME = 0x0016 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_VLR = 0x008b [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_VP = 0x0012 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_WAPAPPLICATION = 0x00b4 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_XPRIORITY = 0x0093 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_XSER_EXTRA = 0x00b5 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_OPTION_XUSERNAME = 0x0077 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_PBTYPE_SYSTEM = 1 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_PBTYPE_USER = 0 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_STATUS_FAILED = 3 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_STATUS_QUEUED = 8 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_STATUS_RELAYED = 10 [static]
final int com::nmt::mgp::Mgp::MGP_STATUS_UNKNOWN = 11 [static]

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