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com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData Class Reference

A minimal implementation of the java.sql.ResultSetMetaData interface, with only the parts that are needed by the MgpSession driver. More...

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Public Member Functions

int getColumnCount () throws java.sql.SQLException
String getColumnName (int colno) throws java.sql.SQLException
int getColumnType (int colno)
String getCatalogName (int column)
String getColumnClassName (int column)
int getColumnDisplaySize (int column)
String getColumnLabel (int column)
String getColumnTypeName (int column)
int getPrecision (int column)
int getScale (int column)
String getSchemaName (int column)
String getTableName (int column)
boolean isAutoIncrement (int column)
boolean isCaseSensitive (int column)
boolean isCurrency (int column)
boolean isDefinitelyWritable (int column)
int isNullable (int column)
boolean isReadOnly (int column)
boolean isSearchable (int column)
boolean isSigned (int column)
boolean isWritable (int column)

Package Functions

void addColumn (String name)

Private Attributes

Vector columnNames = new Vector()

Detailed Description

A minimal implementation of the java.sql.ResultSetMetaData interface, with only the parts that are needed by the MgpSession driver.

Member Function Documentation

void com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::addColumn ( String  name  )  [inline, package]
String com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getCatalogName ( int  column  )  [inline]
String com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getColumnClassName ( int  column  )  [inline]
int com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getColumnCount (  )  throws java.sql.SQLException [inline]

References columnNames.

int com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getColumnDisplaySize ( int  column  )  [inline]
String com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getColumnLabel ( int  column  )  [inline]
String com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getColumnName ( int  colno  )  throws java.sql.SQLException [inline]

References columnNames.

int com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getColumnType ( int  colno  )  [inline]


See also:
String com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getColumnTypeName ( int  column  )  [inline]
int com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getPrecision ( int  column  )  [inline]
int com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getScale ( int  column  )  [inline]
String com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getSchemaName ( int  column  )  [inline]
String com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::getTableName ( int  column  )  [inline]
boolean com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::isAutoIncrement ( int  column  )  [inline]
boolean com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::isCaseSensitive ( int  column  )  [inline]
boolean com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::isCurrency ( int  column  )  [inline]
boolean com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::isDefinitelyWritable ( int  column  )  [inline]
int com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::isNullable ( int  column  )  [inline]
boolean com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::isReadOnly ( int  column  )  [inline]
boolean com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::isSearchable ( int  column  )  [inline]
boolean com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::isSigned ( int  column  )  [inline]
boolean com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::isWritable ( int  column  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

Vector com::nmt::mgp::ResultSetMetaData::columnNames = new Vector() [private]

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