Throughout this manual we use a number of terms that is described here.




A customer in the platform. Normally corresponds to one company, a billing entity.

EMG Account

A sender account in the EMG server. Each EMG Account is tied to exactly one Customer.


A user that can log in to the EMG Portal web application. Each User is tied to exactly one EMG Account.


Each user can have one of three roles: User, admin and owner. Role "user" has the least privilege and role "owner" the highest privilege.

The privileges accumulate so that role "admin" is allowed everything to perform all tasks that role "user" is allowed plus its own tasks. Role "owner" has all privileges.

File paths

Sometimes we refer to files in the distribution. These are referred to using relative paths from the directory where you have installed EMG Portal.

For example, if you have installed EMG Portal in "/opt/emgportal" and the path specified is "protected/views/layouts/main.php" the full path of that file would be "/opt/emgportal/protected/views/layouts/main.php".