System requirements

General requirements

EMG Portal is a PHP 5 application (based on Yii Framework 1.1) that would usually run via a Apache web server.

PHP 5.1 or later

Apache 2.2

MySQL 5.0 or later

ionCube loader (
If you are using an evaluation version of EMG Portal model files (php) are encoded using ionCube


EMG requirements

EMG Portal integrates with Enterprise Messaging Gateway (EMG).

EMG 5.3 or later

Configured for database usage
Database support (for EMG 5.5)

MGP connector using database authentication (USERDB)
Sample connector in EMG server.cfg:
CONNECTOR mgp-db <

Routing and pricing/charge functionality in EMG Portal depends on the billing perl plugin meaning EMG must be configured for using embedded perl:
EMG and Perl plugins

Pricing/charge functionality requires that EMG server is licensed for "EMG Portal billing plugin charge support".


Other considerations

selinux may interfere if not properly configured, consider disabling it

If enabled, iptables must be configured to allow connections

Ensure that all services and settings are properly restored after server reboot

You may wish to enable SSL in your web server in order to ensure web access is encrypted