Accounts are added to the EMG server and the account credentials (username and password) are used for authenticating connector connections, for example binds via SMPP.

Please note that SMPP specification limits the password to 8 characters and using longer passwords than that may cause problems.

Account access

It is possible to limit access to an account to specific IP addresses or ranges.

If you do not want to limit access you still need to add one access entry with connector "Any", ip address "" and ip width "0".

Pre-paid vs post-paid accounts

An account can be either pre-paid or post-paid. A pre-paid account for which the account balance reaches 0 will reject any further attempts to send messages.

A hard-coded route can be specified for the account but using other means of routing is recommended.

Adding credits

By clicking the value next to "Account balance" you can add or deduct from the account balance. A positive value adds to the account balance and a negative value deducts from the account balance.