EMG integration

EMG Portal integrates with the EMG server in two ways, via database and via MGP (Messaging Gateway Protocol).


EMG Portal introduces its own database schema (tables prefixed with "emgp_") which extends the EMG server schema.

The schema includes information about web users, phone books and more high-level objects which links to the lower-level EMG server tables.

EMG Portal never writes in the tables that are part of the EMG server schema, but rather uses them read-only.


MGP is a proprietary protocol providing an API to obtain information about connectors etc in a running EMG server.

The EMG server must have a MGP connector defined that uses database authentication (keyword USERDB instead of USERS).

Routing and billing

EMG Portal can be used for easy administration of routes and price information. This requires the billing plugin to be installed.

In addition in order to set per-message price from a plugin the biling plugin integration must be licensed.