The most basic, and the only mandatory, configuration consists of specifying the database connection and MGP parameters used to connect to the EMG server.

When this has been completed some more advanced configuration and customization can take place.

Customizing layout

In order to customize the "look and feel" of EMG Portal you can change the layout file.

The default layout file used is "protected/views/layouts/main.php".

By adding

'layout' => 'mylayout',

to config ("protected/config/main.php") the application will use "protected/views/layouts/mylayout.php" as layout file instead of "main.php".

A good start is to copy "main.php" to "mylayout.php" and then modify "mylayout.php" to suit your requirements.

The layout file references style sheet files where the main style sheet is in "css/main.css".

Apply the same technique here, copy main.css to mystyle.css and reference mystyle.css from mylayout.php.

This way you will not risk your layout being overwritten if you decide to upgrade the application at some point in time.