EMG 5.5.1 - User's Guide

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F. Change history

Changes between EMG releases.

There are three different types of releases:

Major release
A full distribution including new functionality. Migrating from one major version to another will require a new license key.
Minor release
A full distribution primarily including changes and bug fixes. Usually does not require a new license key.
Patch release
A binaries-only release including changes and bug fixes. Applied to an existing installation from a full distribution. Does not require a new license key.

Changes marked with an asterisk, `*', includes a fix for a problem which potentially could cause the server to stop unexpectedly.


New connector keyword "ERRORCODE_MAP" for mapping error/reason codes in delivery reports
New general keyword "PERMIT_LOCALHOST" to always allow access from (ipv4) and ::1 (ipv6) localhost addresses.

Merged from EMG 5.4.7:

UCP: Nack when lrad and lpid are both empty
SMPP: query did not work with 64-bit message ids
SMPP: Log "more_messages_to_send" hex encoded (merge from EMG 5.2)
Eliminated minor memory leak when KWSTORE_MAXENTRIES reached
DLRMINMATCHLENGTH did not match correctly (merge from EMG 5.2)
Long-running plugin calls could cause crash when server reloaded*


First official release of EMG 5.5.

All changes up to 5.4.6 are included in this release.

IPv6 support
Reload of implementation (and modify number of instances) for Perl and C plugins on emgd refresh and reload
Customer connectors can now be implemented in Perl
New possibility to add a URL handler in Perl
New possibility to set "text:" part of SMPP delivery report from plugin
New possibility to choose format of outbound SMPP delivery reports

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