EMG 5.4.7 - User's Guide

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2. What's new in EMG 5.4

Below we list the the major new functionality in EMG 5.4.

2.1 Raw proxy SMPP-SMPP

A new proxy mode has been implemented for SMPP-SMPP. It will forward the pdu transparently, only the trn in the header will be updated.

2.2 Multi proxy support

Proxy and raw proxy connectors can now map one incoming connector instance to one connector instance on each outgoing connector using the configuration option "/MULTI". The outbound messages will be load-balanced over the connectors round-robin.

2.3 SAT pool reimplementation

SAT pools have been re-implemented for scalability. Previously performance was severely degraded for very large SAT pools (1 million numbers) and memory was not used efficiently. This has been fixed in the new implementation.

2.4 SAT pool randomization

New keyword RANDOM for SAT pools. This randomizes the list of numbers used by the pool. The numbers are still picked in the same order, so the first message to each recipient will always use the same number.

2.5 MySQL driver replaced

The MySQL driver has been replaced with "mysqlnd" the native MySQL driver from PHP project for license reasons.

The new driver is not compatible with MySQL configuration directive "old_passwords=1". So, if old password hashing is used in MySQL this must be removed and passwords reset.

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