EMG 5.4.7 - User's Guide

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F. Change history

Changes between EMG releases.

There are three different types of releases:

Major release
A full distribution including new functionality. Migrating from one major version to another will require a new license key.
Minor release
A full distribution primarily including changes and bug fixes. Usually does not require a new license key.
Patch release
A binaries-only release including changes and bug fixes. Applied to an existing installation from a full distribution. Does not require a new license key.

Changes marked with an asterisk, `*', includes a fix for a problem which potentially could cause the server to stop unexpectedly.


UCP: Nack when lrad and lpid are both empty
SMPP: query did not work with 64-bit message ids
SMPP: Log "more_messages_to_send" hex encoded (merge from EMG 5.2)
Eliminated minor memory leak when KWSTORE_MAXENTRIES reached
DLRMINMATCHLENGTH did not match correctly (merge from EMG 5.2)
Long-running plugin calls could cause crash when server reloaded*


SET in routing file did not work with CMR
Improved handling of reload via MGP*
HTTP: Status was not set for delivery reports with status "UNKNOWN" when delivered via HTTP
SMPP: Messages could be sent to client even when client bound as transmitter.
ROUTE: Connectors with protocol "ROUTE" did not set connector status or number of instances displayed by emgstat
Improved locking for outstanding operations data*
Improved handling of 64-bit ids in Perl plugins
Improved handling of message ids when PRE_SPLIT used
Now orphans queue respects "holduntil" so no delivery attempts are made too early if server reload is performed
Message id is now allocated before "before_receive" plugin hook is run
Schema change: Tables messagebody and messageoption had no primary key defined


Patch release.

Possible race condition when initialising DB profiles with multiple instances eliminated*
Regression from 5.4.4 regarding relative VPs fixed
Improved handling of timeout for socket reads


Patch release.

SAT: Improved randomization for pools with keyword RANDOM
SAT: Log failed lookups at log level info
HTTP error message for "out of credits" improved
Orphaned messages were sometimes not loaded on server startup
SMTP server now returns an additional "250-hello" before announcing capabilities
Logging to stdout did not work properly when using "emgd -verify" and "emgd -debug"
Improved locking during logging to avoid mixups in log files
Fixed problem with connector instances not being closed when number of instances decreased for connector
Avoid potential crash on client disconnect when server has been refreshed*
Check for interface "em1" (not "em0") if "eth0" does not exist
Removed superfluous info logging
SMPP validity period sometimes included wrong timezone (merge from EMG 5.2)
Handle validity periods that have passed better. Pass transparently in proxy mode (merge from EMG 5.2)
Threads waiting to read data could time out prematurely causing failed reads and, potentially, duplicate submits (merge from EMG 5.2)


Patch release.

Response to HTTP request should be logged to pdu log.
Handling more than 1024 connections active connections did not work.
Warn if referenced mapping file is missing.
New keyword FAILOVER_ALL_TO_SELF (merge from EMG 5.2)
Allow in-line comments (" #) in server.cfg (merge from EMG 5.2)


Patch release.

Potential null pointer fixes for Solaris.*
Minor memory leak when using database eliminated.
Get MAC address from "em0" if "eth0" is missing
Memory corruption when reading SAT entries from EMG 3 files*
Possible crash when merging concatenated message parts*
Possible crash during client logout*
Handle message charge correctly when used with PRE_SPLIT (merge from EMG 5.3)
Allow setting multiple instances of message option SMPPOPTION from routing file (merge from EMG 5.2)


Patch release.

Potential null pointer fixes for Solaris.*


First official release of EMG 5.4.

SMPP-SMPP raw proxy support
Multi-proxy mode for SMPP-SMPP and UCP-SMPP
SAT pool reimplemented for improved scalability
New keyword "RANDOM" for SAT pools
New connector keyword "MESSAGEID_PREFIX" to enable routing to correct SMSC in proxy raw mode.
MySQL driver replaced
Output from emgstat -x now shows "TX/RX/TRX" status

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