EMG 5.3.2 - User's Guide

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F. Change history

Changes between EMG releases.

There are three different types of releases:

Major release
A full distribution including new functionality. Migrating from one major version to another will require a new license key.
Minor release
A full distribution primarily including changes and bug fixes. Usually does not require a new license key.
Patch release
A binaries-only release including changes and bug fixes. Applied to an existing installation from a full distribution. Does not require a new license key.

Changes marked with an asterisk, `*', includes a fix for a problem which potentially could cause the server to stop unexpectedly.


Patch release.

Return the message id in MGP response also for injected delivery reports
Applied proxy mode corrections from EMG 5.2


First official release of EMG 5.3.

Linux 64-bit support
64-bit message id support
Charge plugin support

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