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EMG at Mblox (PDF)
Welcome to Nordic Messaging Technologies

We deliver first class messaging products to operators, aggregators and enterprises. Our flagship product Enterprise Messaging Gateway (EMG) is a carrier-grade SMS gateway and protocol converter (SMPP, UCP, CIMD2, HTTP, SMTP and more) installed at more than 150 customer sites around the world.

EMG stands for performance and reliability and is very feature-rich allowing for complex routing, address rewriting and protocol conversion at highest speed.

With the EMG Portal add-on (providing a web interface for account provisioning, customer self-service and more) you will get a complete and easy-to-manage platform for SMS aggregation and wholesale.

EMG 6.0 benchmark results

EMG 6.0 can handle approx 8000 messages (SMS) per second with corresponding delivery reports, in total over 16000 messages per second on modest hardware. If we add logging message data to MySQL then we reach approx 2700 messages per second. In these tests we use SSD disks which we see gives a 50% performance boost as compared to traditional hard drives.

Hardware configuration

Tests were run on a single Dell PowerEdge R320 server (1U).

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EMG 6 and High Availability

The EMG perception of HA is when additional, redundant, nodes are added to an existing node in order to improve reliability and possibly performance. The mechanisms involved are fail-over, load balancing and clustering.

Each EMG node in a HA environment needs to be properly licensed.

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